Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

Restated Vow of Submission

I vow to bend to your will and to accept your instructions, corrections and praises of my efforts.

I vow to wear your marks with pride.

I vow to always treat you with honor and respect.

I vow to always have my mind and body open to you.

I vow to always love you with my mind, my heart, my body.

I ask you to guide me, correct me, be patient with me. To hold me to high standards.

I beg you to use my body for your pleasure. My skin, my tears, my holes, my hair. They all belong to you. Only when your pleasure is assured do I find my own.

I said these vows years ago and today I repeat them because only when I am with you am I complete. Only when I know you have taken your pleasure of me am I pleased. Only when you give me correction with a strict but fair hand am I satisfied. There is nothing you could ask of me that I would deny you, nothing I would not trust to your judgement.

I am yours. Please, accept my vows. Mark me and claim me again as your own.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Because I want to

Because I want to see your body, you will remain unclothed.
Because I want your ass red, I will make it so.
Because your tears excite me, I will make it hurt.
Because you are mind, I will use you as I like.
Because I want to, I will fuck you in every way possible.
Because I want to, I will own your orgasms.

Because I am your master, I will see to your every need.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

In The End

Sarah bend over the kitchen chair and grasped the seat. The back bit into her soft stomach. Husband had flipped her skit up, exposing her bar bottom. While in the house, she was prohibited the wearing of underwear. She bit her lip, waiting. She had done nothing wrong, had not disobeyed, had not broken any rules. This pleased her. Yes, Pain was in her immediate future, but that did not concern her. Her only concern was pleasing Husband. And this she would do. As first, she felt only coolness, the the coolness morphed into warmth, then heat, then an almost unbearable fire. She had been chopping raw ginger to add a lovely spice to Husband's butternut squash soup when he had decided to a bit of spice to her. He had told her to cut off a large finger of ginger and peel it. Then he had instructed her to cut tiny slits into the sides of the finger. Now, he inserted it into her anus. She moaned and wiggled and cried a bit. This pleased him which, in turn, pleased her. Then, he began his work. Using her wooden spoon, he began to spank her. First one cheek, then the next. Again. Again. Again. Only when she was sobbing in earnest did he stop. Sarah let go of the chair, dropped to her knees and kissed his crotch.

"Go ahead."

Grateful, she unzipped his jeans and began to kiss and suckle his penis. She looked up at him, knowing he liked this, her eyes shining with tears, her ass red as fire. He fucked her mouth. She welcomed him. Finally, he shot his sweet, sweet cream down her throat. She continued to lick him, gently, cleaning him. He helped her to stand and removed the fig.

"Finish cooking now, wife. After dinner, I'm going to fuck your ass. Hard. Until I cum."

Smiling, she took up her spoon and stirred the soup.

New Title

Yes, this blog now has a new title. Hopefully, over the course of the last month or so I have not completely lost all of my readers. To those of you who remain - THANK YOU - and PLEASE - leave a comment so that I know this is being read. Bless you all!