Friday, November 29, 2013

Restated Vow of Submission

I vow to bend to your will and to accept your instructions, corrections and praises of my efforts.

I vow to wear your marks with pride.

I vow to always treat you with honor and respect.

I vow to always have my mind and body open to you.

I vow to always love you with my mind, my heart, my body.

I ask you to guide me, correct me, be patient with me. To hold me to high standards.

I beg you to use my body for your pleasure. My skin, my tears, my holes, my hair. They all belong to you. Only when your pleasure is assured do I find my own.

I said these vows years ago and today I repeat them because only when I am with you am I complete. Only when I know you have taken your pleasure of me am I pleased. Only when you give me correction with a strict but fair hand am I satisfied. There is nothing you could ask of me that I would deny you, nothing I would not trust to your judgement.

I am yours. Please, accept my vows. Mark me and claim me again as your own.

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