Sunday, December 1, 2013

27 years

Our Golden anniversary is upon us. We will have been married 27 years on the 27th of this month. To celebrate, he has stated that the number will be repeated. For the next 27 days I will be required to remain nude or wear only an apron or approved clothing while in the house. When we go out together, he will either choose or approve my clothing.

 I will be spanked at least 27 times each day.
I will have my nipples clamped for at least 27 minutes each day.
He will fuck me and cum on or in me for the next 27 days.
I will wear a plug of his choosing for a minimum of 27 minutes each day.
He will fuck me any time, any where, for as long as he chooses during the next 27 days.
He will share me as he wishes for the next 27 days.
I will behave with respect and obedience for the next 27 days.
My bottom will be red for 27 days.
My pussy sore, my nipples tender for 27 days.
My asshole will be used in some manner for 27 days.
My mouth with be fucked for 27 days.

Is it disobedient for me to hope that after 27 days, He will still use me as such?

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