Saturday, March 8, 2014


I am your world.
Without me, the earth crumbles
wiped out with an infusion of testosterone
and fear. 
Dominance only and a struggle of arrogance.

I am softness and possibilities
I am temperance and tolerance.

You may breathe in the sweetness of my atmosphere
And fill your lungs with lemon and patchouli and lavender and musk.
You may taste the quenching waters of my honeyed stream
And fill your cells with joyous refreshment.
You may scale my mound of Venus
And fill your spirit with strength and purpose.

I am the Gaia sent here to rejuvenate,
To nourish the minds and bodies of children,
To comfort and encourage the old,
To stimulate and motivate the static.
I am the giver of pleasure and retribution.
I am the provider of dreams and nightmares.
I am the holder of secrets and fears.
I am the hope of the desperate and needy.
I am Woman.

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