Monday, February 17, 2014

Library Finds

I love libraries. Dark corners, tall shelves, treasures yet to be discovered. Words which meant everything to someone at some time in some place. A private message from the author of far away to me. Luckily, He is also a library lover. We meet at the local university often. I spend hours and hours there. Researching, reading, wandering the stacks.Still, I must be ready for him. He is a professor and I I am his. He knows where to find me. When he is teaching, I am here. When he finishes lectures, we play hide and seek. He finds me. Then, I show him I am ready for him. If he is pleased, he takes me to a secluded part of the three story library. A place where few, if any travel. I open for him. For his viewing, for his use, for his pleasure. Some days, he takes me. Hard. Fast. No words. He fills me, uses me then leaves. Other days, I simply flash for him. Sometimes, he takes his hand or belt and disciplines me if I am not properly attired or prepared for him. I am to wear a dress - always. stockings or bare legs, heels. I am not to wear panties unless specifically instructed to do so. I am large breasted, so a bra or some kind of support is often required. He prefers satin or silk or a tightly laced corset. He allows me the luxury of spending my days writing, reading, studying, researching. He asks little of me. I am please to give him what he desires. Most days.

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