Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nudity is Underrated

Yes, it's cold out. I don't care. You are not going out anyway are you? No. I didn't think so. I've turned the heat up to 78 so you'll be fine. Take your clothes off. Do it now than come into the kitchen.

That's better. Now I'm going to lock the door to the bedroom so you can't go scurrying in there to retrieve any clothes. You have no choice but to remain nude until I unlock the door. Yes, I'm going to be nude as well. No more hiding behind clothes or make-up or anything. We are going to have a day, at least, of soul bearing nakedness. Yes, I know you're uncomfortable with your body, but you will become more comfortable as the day goes on. I think you're lovely.

Good. Now come over her. I want to touch you, smell you, look at you. That's it. you're relaxing now, smiling more. I love your smile. Let me massage your shoulders. Today, it's all about you and me and us. No more hiding.

I don't like my body anymore. I don't like being nude except in the dark or at least dimly lit room. The years and a desk job have not been kind to my backside. He, though, looks fabulous! Working at the gym as a personal trainer has certainly kept his body in perfect condition. But I promised that I'd let him call all the shots today. I had no idea he'd want me to remain naked all day long. My god I think even my toes are blushing.
Did his eyes really go that dark? He certainly is looking at me like I'm a delicious ham sandwich and he's a starving Christian. Maybe I'm not as unattractive as I thought. His hands feel so good on my shoulders. I feel the tension slipping out of me. Maybe he's right. Duh! Of course he's right. I should have trusted him. Nudity is underrated. 

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