Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

No, we are not religious. Still, what a great opportunity to "repent" and "suffer" for sins. So, here i am. tied to the Cross - the St. Andrew's Cross. I have been scorged with a cat. No blood, thank the Lord, but welts. Beautiful red welts. I feel the heat from them radiate throughout my body. My shoulders, ass, thighs, calves - all marked by His hand. Now,  He unties me, turns me so my marks are against the Cross. He reties me - securely. No way can I move to avoid anything he has planned (not that I want to.) Fire shoots through my cunt. He's applying the cat to it now. I scream, thrashing my head. He says nothing, just continues His minstrations. Finally, he stops, but only to retrieve a new device. Thorns. He runs the rose stem over my breasts, gently, slowly. The thorns snag slightly on my delicate skin and I wince. This many not seem like much, but I will feel these pinpoints of agony for days. Down my stomach, my inner thighs he runs the stem, lightly pricking my skin. He stands, kisses me and I no longer feel any pain. His hand reaches for a nipple while his mouth devours mine. He pulls, twists. I cry out against his mouth but he continues. After a time, he moves to the other nipple and it too receives the same treatment. I gasp when he pulls away. He steps to the table holding his toys. He holds up a pair of nipple clips. He tweaks the already tender nipple and mercilessly attaches the clip, screwing the device down until I am begging for mercy. Once both nipples are clipped He kneels before me, his mouth on my swollen cunt, two fingers in my ass. I come. Screaming his name. I hear him laugh. Now, he stands, reaches for a metal egg. I whimper. He just smiles at me and proceeds to fill my ass with the hard, cold egg. I wince at its intrusion and then sigh in relief when it settles. I feel full, kept, used. His.

Now he unties me, holding me to keep me from falling. He carries me to the bed. My whole body is a mass of exposed nerves, which is exactly what he wanted. Finally. Finally he takes me. Fills my cunt with his sword. Again, no mercy. he fucks me hard and I orgasm the moment he enters me. Too quickly, he also cums, filling me with his seed.

"Ready for the Centurians?" he asks.
"That's right. Now that you're all prepared, I have a few soldiers waiting to use you as well. When they finish, it's my turn again. Then, I'll take your ass. You will be ravaged all day long. Questions?"

"No, Sir. But thank you."

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