Thursday, April 17, 2014


This will be our little experiment.  My girl needs more discipline at times. Sure, we have our weekly maintenance, but at times, my hand is simply not enough. Therefore, today, I've decided that we will test out a variety of implements. One at a time. Slowly. She is blindfolded so that she can judge by feel alone. I will not touch her except with the leather. She is to remain in position without restraints. I will allow no more than one minute between strikes. One mark per implement. One strike. When I finish, she will tell me which she preferred. Which stung the most. Which left the longest sting after the strike. Which she fears the most. Then, I will turn her over, use the back side of her body. Strike again - just once - with the three choices. Finally, I will decide which brought the desired reaction, felt the most comfortable in my hand, left the most interesting mark.

And so we begin.

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