Monday, April 21, 2014

The Pillory

She stood, bent, her head and wrists locked in the pillory. She knew her guilt. She had tempted the Man. Flirted outrageously. Now, she was His prisoner. He'd grabbed her arm, marched her to the centre of town and locked her in. The townspeople gathered around, knowing her nature and His. Knowing this was to be spectacle for all to enjoy.

First, He scolded her, announcing to the town her indecent actions and her wantonness. Then, he ripped her skirt off of her. She shrieked. Not yet content, he also ripped off her blouse. She stood in only her drawers and corset, helpless, grateful for her long hair covering her face.  He pulled out his knife, showing her the shimmer of the blade. Slowly, her ran the knife along her spine, cutting the cords of her corset, allowing it to fall from her body, exposing her breasts. He pulled apart her drawers, the cool air now caressing her naked bottom. He rubbed His cock against her wet slit, entering her quickly, hard,pounding against her. His hand came down on her ass, spanking her with a resounding smack. Over and over again until tears fell from her face.

The townspeople shouted their approval, encouraging Him. She deserved her humiliation and they would be satisfied with nothing less. One man came up to him and offered him a smooth, large carrot. Accepting the hard vegetable, He rubbed it against her anus. Slowly, making sure she felt every movement, he pushed it into her. Six inches of hard, orange wood entering her bottom. He held it in place and continued to fuck her. Within minutes, he pulled out, cumming on her red bottom.

She panted, wanting more, terrified and humiliated. Her bottom was on fire and her anus was stretched to the point that she feared her body would split in two. He stepped in front of her, then stood on a tall box, his dripping member in front of her eyes. He grasped her hair and when her mouth popped open, He placed his cock inside. The vegetable man now took his turn, keeping the carrot deep inside her and fucking her cunt. In due time, he too pulled out and spent his hot seed on her bottom. He was again becoming hard in her mouth. He tore off his belt and leaning slightly over her, smacked her bottom. She screamed around His cock, but he continued. He fucked her mouth until his hot cream slid down her throat.

The townspeople cheered.

He pulled away. Leaning down He whispered. "three more hours, my dear. And three more times will I cum in or on you. Three more men as well as me will use you. Each of your holes will be used, violated, enjoyed. That will teach you a proper lesson, will it not?"

"Yes, my dear Sir. It will."

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